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Rave on! Putting a new spin on virtual experiences Posted On 04 March 2021

Five things to look out for this month to put a spark into your weekends


Pssst! Wanna go to a rave? Don’t worry, this one’s totally legit and even though, like any good party, you’re going to have go looking for it, you won’t be breaking any lockdown restrictions.

Because it’s in your own front room.

The Secret Warehouse Party is just one virtual way of ending the churn of Netflix/Amazon Prime weekends and is the ideal antidote for those hankering for the big night out. It’s a new immersive experience where ‘groups of friends hunt down an illegal rave’ through its online platform.

The difference is the reward at the end where you will find an excellent line-up of DJs (on Saturday its Fat Tony and the Menendez Brothers) going through their sets as if it was just a normal hot, sweaty club night. Tickets are available at Secret Warehouse Party / Illegal Rave Experience / Bubble Club (BBL CLB)

Virtual experiences have really come to the fore over the last year, but online entertainment providers have really started to up their game with ‘experience makers’ taking the format to previously unexplored levels.

Take, for instance, Swamp Motel, who use a mix of theatre, storytelling, gaming and puzzling for a night of online sleuthing. Their latest offering, The Kindling Hour – which is available until May 30th – is a computer-based interactive thriller where your team of up to six players is charged with infiltrating the dark heart of a powerful organisation. But will you discover the real enemy?  Tickets are available at The Kindling Hour

There is also Isolation, from Melbourne, who have launched a virtual escape room experience which takes place entirely on Zoom. After a video introduction, you realise someone else is listening in. He is an astrophysicist with amnesia who needs help restoring his memories to escape a remote research station. Running until May 16th, ticket are available at Isolation – Escape Room Melbourne (ERM)

If you are missing live theatre, check out the Southwark Playhouse’s new musical which puts a gender-swapped spin on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Goethe’s classic poem – you’ll probably be familiar with Disney’s interpretation in Fantasia – is this time set under the Northern Lights where a rebellious daughter discovers untapped powers in time to save a town. Tickets are available at stream.theatre and it runs until March 14th.

Alternatively, go ‘Backstage with a Magician’, in this case New York’s Noah Levine, who performs close-up tricks, as well as recapping  magic history, every Friday through March, starting tomorrow (March 5th) and tickets are available at Virtual — Magic After Hours

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